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Meet Executive Chef Jada Cre

We dropped into the kitchen this week for a quick Q&A with Chef Jada!

Where did you grow up? 

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA

When did you know you wanted to be a chef?

I was in middle school, at the time I wanted to be a pastry chef. 

Where did you study?

Undergraduate - University of Florida, Grad - University of Southern California, Culinary - The Culinary Institute of America (in Napa Valley)

Tell me about your favorite wine.

2014 Domaine Pichot Vouvray chilled. It's a white wine I was introduced to while living in Napa. It's not that sweet, but it is fruit forward. Great memories also attached to drinking it.

What is your favorite food memory?

I can't choose just one. I live to eat instead of eat to live so the list is always growing. Top 3 in no order: freshly prepared wok-style street food in Phuket, Thailand; dinner at Andina in Portland, Oregon (Peruvian cuisine); traditional Szechuan hot pot with peanut milk in Chongchinq, China.

What is your best cooking tip for a novice?

Taste your food as you go and don't be afraid to steer away from a recipe. Cook to your flavor preference!

What do you like to eat when you’re at home?

I'm a cereal addict. I tend to keep 4 or 5 boxes stashed in my pantry. It's a guilty pleasure. 

What do you think is the most challenging food to cook with?

Working with artichokes due to all the prep and cleaning. I love the taste though.

Final question, what would be your “last supper” meal?

It changes but currently: Banh mi sandwich loaded with bulgogi beef and double the pickled vegetables with a slice of Bananas Fosters Pie

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