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Spinach Pasta

2 bunches fresh spinach

2 cups all-purpose flour

2 large eggs

Bring a 1/3 cup of water to a boil in a large pot over medium high heat. Add spinach and cook until completely wilted, about 3 minutes. Drain in a colander and, when cool enough to handle, squeeze out water. Finally chop spinach and set aside.

Place flour in a mound on a clean surface and make a well in the center. Add spinach to well, then add eggs and lightly beat together with a fork. Continue beating, gradually incorporating flour from the inside edge of the well with the fork. Knead flour into spinach mixture with both hands until dough is no longer tacky. Form dough into a ball and cover with a damp kitchen towel. Clean work surface, then dust with more flour. Uncover dough and knead with the heel of your hand until smooth, about 5 minutes. Cut dough into 4 pieces and cover with a damp kitchen towel.

Working with 1 piece of dough at a time, flatten dough so that it will fit through the rollers of a hand cranked-cranked pasta machine. Set rollers on widest setting, then feed pasta through rollers 3 or 4 times, folding and turning pasta until it is smooth and the same width as the machine. Decrease the setting by 1 notch and feed narrow end of the pasta through rollers. Repeat, decreasing the setting by 1 notch each time until you get to the last notch. (Don’t roll pasta through last setting, or it will be too thin.) cover pasta sheets with damp kitchen towels to keep from drying out until ready to use.

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